David and Glenda Haas: A Day in the Life of the Trail Conference

January 21, 2018
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


David and Glenda Haas: A Day in the Life of the Trail Conference


Trail Conference Roles: Committee Member and Committee Chair

Longtime members David and Glenda Haas have become more involved in the Trail Conference since the organization’s move to the headquarters at Darlington Schoolhouse. David, owner of the investment firm Cereus Financial Advisors, serves on the Development, Events, and Fundraising committees, while Glenda, program director for the Community Arts Association, serves as the chair of the Art Selection Committee. The Mahwah, N.J., couple seamlessly works together to raise funds and visibility for the Trail Conference.

Glenda spearheaded the formation of the Art Committee to decorate Trail Conference Headquarters’ grand stairwell with the history of the building and organization. She has been instrumental in transforming the main hall into a rotating art gallery. “By hanging art from the walls, we can invite the community in to enjoy this beautiful building and learn about the Trail Conference,” she says.

Glenda and David’s good work coaligned in preparation for the 2017 Annual Gala, planned by the Events Committee. Artist-adventurer Gregory Frux was the keynote speaker, whose work was the featured fall art exhibition. “We’re constantly taking on new projects,” David says. “It’s been quite a fun adventure!”

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