New book draws Westchester parks closer

April 06, 2009
Journal News


New book draws Westchester parks closer


GREENBURGH - Seven years ago, Jane and Walt Daniels of Mohegan Lake set out on a mission to put together a guide for every single park in Westchester County.

"When we started, we thought there was going to be 75 to 80 parks and maybe around 200 miles worth of trails," Jane Daniels said. "Turns out we were grossly wrong. We ended up with close to 190 parks and close to 600 miles of trails."

Yesterday's weather was a fitting backdrop for the couple as they discussed their recently published book, "Walkable Westchester," with residents at the Greenburgh Nature Center. The book describes all of Westchester's official parks in detail by documenting each park's permitted uses, ecology and history.

Daniels said what makes Westchester parks unique is the fact that there is one close by to just about every resident in the county.

"People love their nearby park," she said. "They love to be able to go there and walk because the fact that they're so close."

The couple added they are often asked which parks in the county do they recommend, but the two said it really depends on what someone is in the mood for. Daniels said a good park for a couple with children is Cranberry Lake Preserve in Valhalla.

Ed Vogel of Hawthorne said he, too, enjoys Cranberry Lake and purchased four copies of the book. Vogel is a Boy Scout leader and said the book will make a good gift for people in his group.

"Walkable Westchester" is available on and at All proceeds go toward the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.