"New York Walk Book: A Companion to the New Jersey Walk Book" 2005, 7th Edition Revised Is Here!

May 01, 2005
Amber Ray
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


"New York Walk Book: A Companion to the New Jersey Walk Book" 2005, 7th Edition Revised Is Here!
New York Walk Book Cover


The New York Walk Book is a comprehensive guide with trail descriptions, and full-color maps. Includes chapters on geology, ecology, history and hiking tips. Illustrated with magnificent sketches by Robert L. Dickinson and Jack Fagan.  The hikers' "bible" since 1923. 

About the Book

Edited by Daniel Chazin
List price: $17.21 ISBN 1-880775-30-1
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (2005)

About the Editor

Daniel Chazin is a long-time member of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, having served on the Board of Directors, as Chair of the Publications Committee, and as editor and writer of a number of guidebooks.Chazin provides accurate descriptions of each hike, including difficulty ratings, distances, estimated hiking times, vantage points, and access information by both car and public transportation (where available). 

The guide covers a wide range of hikes. For someone new to hiking in the area, this is an excellent introduction to many of the best hikes in New York. For a beginning hiker, especially teenagers, the book contains a wealth of information. For an experienced hiker, the descriptions are a joy, and the guide is a perfect gift for anyone whom you would like to get interested in the joys of walking or hiking outdoors.

About the Trail Conference

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating, protecting and promoting the nation's finest network of foot trails in a major metropolitan area. The Trail Conference is a coalition of 100 clubs and 10,000 individual members that maintains over 2,000 miles of trails in New York and New Jersey. Its website, www.nynjtc.org, and its hiking books and trail maps provide detailed information that enable hikers to enjoy some of the most remarkable trails in the country.

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