Partner Spotlight: Hudson North Cider Co.

April 03, 2023
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Partner Spotlight: Hudson North Cider Co.
Hudson North Cider. Photo by Sae Kenney.


Upcoming events:

Tuesday, April 18: Come out for tasty cider for a good cause!  Join our friends at Hudson North Cider, at the Heart of Gold bar where $1 for every pint of Hudson North Cider sold is donated to benefit the preservation of nearby parks and waterways!

Saturday, April 22: Earth Day Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop: Do you know how to responsibly explore your favorite wild areas? Join us for a Leave No Trace workshop and learn techniques to prevent and minimize your impact. RSVP: Hike + Learn With Us!

Saturday, April 22: Taps to Trails Event at Bacchus Billiards where $1 for every pint of Hudson North Cider sold is donated to benefit the Trail Conference!

Cheers to the Work of Hudson North Cider Co.

Kyle and Sara Sherrer, the sibling duo creators of Graft Cider, launched Hudson North Cider Co., a mission-driven cidery, in March 2020. In just a few year’s time, the Sherrer pair and their crew have met their brand’s initial two goals:  

  1. Bring a high-quality, full-bodied, hazy dry cider to the Hudson Valley (with 2/3 less sugar than their competitors, nonetheless) 
  2. Preserve and maintain trails and waterways in the region 

Hudson North Cider has raised and donated over $11,000 to the Trail Conference since their inception. In partnership with their distributors, they collectively donate 10 cents per gallon of cider sold and through their Taps for Trails initiative, $1 was donated for every pint sold. They are sponsors of the upcoming East Hudson Trails Map Set and the official cider at our Gala held annually in October. 

Plus: Not only does Hudson North talk the talk, but they also hike the hike as trail maintainers of the Millbrook Mountain Trail in Minnewaska! Each fall the Hudson North crew are absolute trail champions raising both funds and awareness through their participation in Trail Conference's Trail-A-Thon challenge. 

As they continue to grow within the local market, Hudson North plans to grow its mission as more cider and trail lovers sip and support the outdoors and their initiative. 

Check them out on Instagram or Facebook: @HudsonNorthCider, find them at your local store or shop their store online.