Pine Meadow Lake

Pine Meadow Lake

41.174539, -74.12959

Pine Meadow Lake is popular spot for day hikes in Harriman State Park. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation. The most direct route to the lake from the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center is the red-on-white-blazed Pine Meadow Trail. The one-way distance from the Visitor Center to the lake is 2.25 miles (4.5 miles round trip).

If you wish to avoid the crowds that frequent this very popular area, you can hike this 5.0-mile loop using the Pine Meadow Trail, the Reeves Brook Trail, the Raccoon Brook Hills Trail and the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago (HTS) Trail. Ths loop hike does not go to the lake, but it covers some beautiful scenery and passes a spectacular viewpoint.

Beginning at the Reeves Meadow parking lot, head...

  • Parking is limited.

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