Blue Mountain Loop Trail - Southern Section

Stokes State Forest

Along the Big Flat Brook - Photo by Daniel Chazin Along the Big Flat Brook - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike loops around the northern section of Stokes State Forest, following woods roads and footpaths, and parallels a cascading stream.

41.185445, -74.796048

This hike follows the southern section of the new Blue Mountain Loop Trail, blazed with a blue dot on white. This trail, constructed by the park in the summer of 2015, incorporates a number of pre-existing trails, and as of this writing, the old blazes remain (although the intention is to remove the old blazes in late spring 2016). 

From the parking area, proceed ahead on the paved...

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July 04, 2022
Your hike
From your description, I can't tell precisely where you went wrong, but you must have crossed Sunrise Mountain Road on your way to the Appalachian Trail, which should have alerted you that something was wrong. Did you have a map with you?
Daniel Chazin
June 26, 2022
Got lost at the T-section
Hey new to the site and hiking in general. I got lost at this part: About a mile from the parking area at Stony Lake, the trail crosses a stream on rocks, climbs briefly, and again levels off. Then, in another mile, you'll reach a T-intersection. Here, the yellow-blazed Tinsley Trail comes in from the right. You should turn left here, following yellow, blue-on-white, and red-on-white blazes along a woods road that descends rather steeply. At the T-intersection, there was no yellow-blazed Tinsley Trail. I found the T-intersection, the trail that came in from the right was the white blazed Appalachian National Scenic Trail. I turned left onto that trail and there was no steep descent so I turned back and did not continue with the description. What did I do wrong? Thank you.
July 11, 2020
Very picturesque trail
A very nice trail - it's not exactly wild and you never really leave civilization, but it was not crowded when we went. The cascading stream makes it particularly pleasant.
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