2019 Long Path End-to-Enders

March 08, 2020
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


2019 Long Path End-to-Enders


The Trail Conference offers a certificate and an end-to-end patch “rocker” to anyone who hikes the entire length of the Long Path. The trip can be completed in one continuous trip or in a number of hikes over many years. The following people became end-to-enders in 2019 and were acknowledged at our annual Volunteer Recognition event on Sunday, Mar. 8 at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, N.J. 

#165 Mark Jones finished on 04/27/2019 
#166 Charles Deck finished on 05/30/2019 
#167 Maya Gonzales Berry finished on 06/25/2019 
#168 Mark Schmidt finished on 06/25/2019 
#169 Sue Jordan finished on 07/24/2019 
#170 Bryce Hopper finished on 07/25/2019 
#171 Donald Hopper finished on 07/25/2019 
#172 Eric Adams finished on 08/28/2019 
#173 Stephanie Langner finished on 09/02/2019 
#174 Moe Lemire finished on 09/13/2019 
#175 Jeffrey Adams finished on 09/18/2019 
#176 Ralph Keating finished on 10/1/2019 
#177 Alex McClain finished on 10/26/2019 
#178 Geoffrey F. Wilk finished on 11/16/2019