Get the Most Out of Avenza Maps

June 12, 2020
Jeremy Apgar, Cartographer
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Get the Most Out of Avenza Maps
A Trail Conference map being displayed on a mobile device using Avenza Maps. Photo by Jeremy Apgar.


Did you know that nearly 250,000 Trail Conference maps have been downloaded by Avenza Maps users?

Our digital maps have continued to grow in popularity, and a record number of downloads this spring highlighted how Trail Conference maps were a very important resource as people sought refuge in the outdoors. If you have yet to try out the Avenza Maps app on your Apple or Android phone, now is the perfect time to explore our 75-plus maps. You can use the GPS capabilities of your device to pinpoint your location on our up-to-date maps, record tracks and waypoints, and even report trail issues. Learn how to use the app, where you’ll find the latest version of our Trail Conference User Guide. The guide includes step-by-step directions for how to use the app and how to use it to report trail issues, as well as other helpful tips for getting the most out of the app. 

For existing users, there have been several recent improvements to Avenza Maps, so be sure you have the latest app updates on your device. It is now easier than ever to search for and find our maps within the app, as you can use locations and/or keywords to find maps. (A quick way to find all our maps is to search on the keyword “nynjtc”.” Another helpful update is that you can now see when a new edition of a map is available. If you have an old edition of a map, there will be an “update available” notification. For paid maps, if you purchased the previous edition, you will have the option to receive the update with the latest trail changes at a discount. 

Our latest maps on Avenza Maps include a detailed map of the entire Lenape Trail through Essex County, our brand-new Westchester maps covering popular parks in Westchester County, and a set of five maps covering parks and preserves in Yorktown in northern Westchester County. 

If you enjoy the Avenza Maps app, thank you for your support, and please help us spread the word by being a map advocate! Show the app maps to others out on the trail (especially if you run into trail users who may need help navigating the trails); recommend Avenza Maps to people on social media and provide direct map links; or if you have more available time, consider joining our volunteer publications efforts to further develop and market our digital maps and other publications!