Moved By Nature, United By Trails

October 09, 2020
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Moved By Nature, United By Trails
Harriman State Park's Popolopen Bridge circa 1930. Photo by New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Celebrating the Trail Conference at 100.

On Oct. 19, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference turns 100 years old—a special occasion for any organization.

Yet there will be no cake, no gala—not this year, circumstances considering. It is certainly not how we envisioned our Centennial celebration in the years leading up to this moment, but nobody quite envisioned a 2020 like this one, either.

And so we embrace the moment. We celebrate differently. Recognizing this incredible milestone doesn’t require 100 candles. This fall, we celebrate 100 years of service by celebrating the extraordinary community that enjoys and protects trails— the community that is the Trail Conference.

We celebrate through the new mom who commits to her physical and mental health by walking trails, baby (and map) in tow.

We celebrate through the kids who meet our Trail Stewards and decide it’s not cool to litter.

We celebrate through the college student gaining new skills as he builds a new trail for hikers and mountain bikers.

We celebrate through the couple learning about invasive species—and each other—on their weekly trips surveying trails.

We celebrate through the lawyer who donates his time to preserve a piece of woodland otherwise destined for development.

We celebrate through the maintainer who has been walking her adopted trail for decades to ensure the path is clear and safe for others.

To mark our Centennial, we celebrate through the passion, time, and energy you invest in connecting with nature and protecting the land you love.

We invite you to join the celebration. We’d love to know how trails have played an important role in your life. Share your trail tales by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @nynjtc with the hashtag #UnitedByTrails, or by emailing us at tw@ We’ll be ringing in our second century by sharing your stories through next October. Stories selected for publication will also receive a special Centennial gift.

Thanks to the Trail Conference community, millions of people throughout the region have been able to experience the outdoors for the last 100 years. Generations more will know the joys of nature through our—your— continued efforts. We are moved by nature; we are united by trails. Thank you for being part of such an important legacy. It’s time to celebrate!

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