Restore Mother Nature Bond Act Could Impact Trails + Our Mission

March 23, 2020
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Restore Mother Nature Bond Act Could Impact Trails + Our Mission
View of the Shawangunk Ridge from the Long Path. Photo by Steve Aaron.


Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget includes a $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act, the largest environmental bond act in State history.

The governor’s Climate Change Plan invests in environmental conservation and resiliency supported by the $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act. This bond act is designed to reduce flood risk, create resilient infrastructure and revitalize critical fish and wildlife habitats by connecting streams and waterways, right-sizing culverts and dams, restoring freshwater and tidal wetlands, reclaiming natural floodplains, restocking shellfish populations and upgrading fish hatcheries, preserving open space, conserving more forest areas, replanting more trees, reducing contamination from agricultural and stormwater runoff, and expanding renewable energy. 

If the Bond Act is passed in the FY 2021 Budget and ultimately approved by the voters in November, it will fund critical environmental restoration projects in every corner of the state to ensure New York is able to withstand the threat of more intense and frequent storms fueled by climate change.

Potential Impact for Trails

Trail Conference Executive Director Joshua Howard reflects, "As a lifelong New Yorker and father of two, I agree with Governor Cuomo that it is our responsibility to leave our planet cleaner and greener and more sustainable for future generations. The Restore Mother Nature Bond Act is an aggressive proposal, but one that could have a positive impact on the lands and trails we all love. The projects funded by the act directly align with the Trail Conference’s Stewardship efforts to protect our trails from increased use, threats from invasive species of plants and animals, and engage the public to help protect the lands we love."

We’re proud to work in New York State, one of the nation’s leaders in safeguarding natural areas. And we applaud Governor Cuomo for including such a strong focus on environmental protection in the New York State Executive Budget Proposal.