Teen’s Long Path Thru-Hike Supports Trail Conference

September 16, 2019
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Teen’s Long Path Thru-Hike Supports Trail Conference
Bryce Hopper completed the Long Path and raised money for the Trail Conference in the process.


Congratulations to Bryce and Donald Hopper on completing their Long Path thru-hike in July.

The father-daughter pair hiked 358 miles in just 21 days!  Bryce is a 16-year-old National Honor Society (NHS) student at Rondout Valley High School in Ulster County, N.Y. Each year, NHS members must select a personal project that benefits the community at large. A passionate hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Bryce chose to support the Trail Conference through her thru-hike of “New York’s Greatest Trail.”

“I love hiking and have wanted to hike this specific trail among others like the Appalachian Trail and the Vermont Long Trail for a long time. So I figured, why not give my passions a purpose?” Her extensive hiking and wilderness experience prepared Bryce to take on the challenge of becoming a Long Path End-to-Ender. Bryce was successful in raising more than $3,000 in support of the Trail Conference's mission—thank you!

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