Publications Author



Help us create the high-quality maps and guidebooks that are trusted by trail users throughout the region!

Dedicated authors who are passionate about the trails and have a knack for descriptive writing are the main reason why the Trail Conference is able to produce high-quality guidebooks and hike descriptions for the region. A Publications Author is responsible for creating new content or updating existing content for our guidebooks, maps, online hike descriptions, or other resources including online trail guides and print or digital brochures. The Author would work with the Publications Committee, a volunteer Project Manager, and a supportive team of editors, field checkers, cartographers, and more. The Publications Committee has brainstormed some potential projects in need of an author, but the committee is also open to new ideas.


Core Responsibilities

  • Project Proposal: For a new proposed publication, a project proposal would need to be developed following guidelines that can be provided by the Publications Committee.
  • Work Closely with Project Manager: A volunteer Project Manager will help to oversee production of the publication, so it will be important for the Author to work closely with the Project Manager to produce a successful publication.
  • Descriptive Writing: Trail Conference publications use a variety of writing styles depending on each individual author, but the Author’s writing should be engaging and expressive.
  • Provide Status Reports: Project status should be reported to the Project Manager, who will primarily be responsible for reporting to the overall Publications Committee.


Support and Training

If you feel you might not have the necessary skills but are interested in learning, we can help you develop the skills! An Author will be supported by other volunteers of the Publications Committee, who have decades-worth of publications experience, and they welcome volunteers who are interested in contributing to our efforts to produce and market authoritative trail resources for our region! A volunteer Project Manager will largely be responsible for overseeing the management of the project, allowing the Author to focus primarily on the writing itself.


Responsibility Details

  • Writing skills are necessary, preferably demonstrating an ability to write about trails and parks in engaging ways, and writing samples should be prepared for this position.
  • The time commitment depends on the scope of the project, and scheduling is generally flexible, but this position may require a significant amount of time over the course of multiple months or years.
  • Familiarity with Trail Conference-published maps and books is useful, as well as familiarity with the area or subject material covered by the specific publication being worked on.
  • Experience with the production or marketing of publications is desired but not necessary.
  • Duties would primarily be performed from home except for meetings or periodic visits to the Trail Conference office in Mahwah, NJ.


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