Publications Committee Member



Help us create the high-quality maps and guidebooks that are trusted by trail users throughout the region!

The Publications Committee is a group of trail-loving and trail-using volunteers who work hard to produce up-to-date and accurate map and book publications and other resources. A Publications Committee Member provides valuable assistance to the Trail Conference publications program and helps make decisions about specific publication projects as well as general issues or initiatives that affect the program as a whole. The Publications Committee regularly meets one evening per month, and committee members are encouraged to attend whenever possible.


Core Responsibilities

  • Attend Committee Meetings: Committee Members are encouraged to attend monthly evening meetings.
  • Assist with Committee Projects: As the Committee develops initiatives or projects, Committee Members may be asked to assist. This may include specific map or book projects, new digital publication initiatives, or other projects such as helping to create marketing plans, performing sales analyses, or developing user feedback surveys.


Support and Training

A Publications Committee Member is supported by other volunteers of the Publications Committee, as well as the staff cartographer on the Committee. The volunteers on the Publications Committee have decades-worth of publications experience, and they welcome volunteers who are interested in contributing to our efforts to produce and market authoritative trail resources for our region!


Responsibility Details

  • As of spring 2022, Publications Committee meetings are typically held one evening each month via Zoom for about 1.5 hours.
  • Time commitment beyond monthly meetings may vary depending on whether the Committee Member becomes involved with any specific projects for the committee.
  • Familiarity with Trail Conference-published maps and books is useful.
  • Experience with the production or marketing of publications is desired but not necessary.


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